Nail is a health barometer!

Why do not you look back at your feet?

Even if it says nail, it has various features. Once pain in the nail it is hard to heal, it will be “painful, hard to walk!” Why is that so? Rolling claw How can I care? We will answer questions such as questions! While eating delicious tea and sweets, feet (sok) with foot care! Immediately! Let’s become healthy! Guidant 【Etsuko Fujimori】
Fuji Acupuncture Osamu Osamuin / PediGrass Technology (Rolling nail correction)

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Event outline

Date and time

Wednesday, November 2 14: 00-16: 00
Saturday 12th November 10: 00-12: 00 < H5> Venue

2 days → cafe cafe

12 / day → Hamamen Niiigoin


10 people (minimum number of participants 1)


2,000 yen And sweets)

Meeting place

Each venue will be the meeting place. Please inquire the parking lot.

Inquiry application place

Please apply in advance in either of the following ways.
Hamanako Namba Website